Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Ultimate Back-to-School Fashion Accessory

My poor beloved husband and two-year-old were both sick today and my four-year-old had gotten her thumb smashed and was in need of some extra TLC. While I was sorry for all of them, it gave me an excuse to take Bittykins to class with me today. :)

I wore her in my wrap, so I taught vocabulary and she charmed the students. It was fun. She was so content--just smiled and then went to sleep. She loves for me to wear her, whether to class, around the house, or shopping. I love it because then my back doesn't get sore.

We originally tried the Baby-Bjorn-thing with Ariana, but she hated it and so did I. It seemed like she was uncomfortable, and it was a nightmare to get her in and out. Then my dear friend Heather showed me how to wear a wrap. Joel and Elena have both been very happy in them, and I love how much easier it makes things for me.

If you haven't used one before, just get 5 yards of fabric, fold it in half like a hotdog bun, and hem the edges. http://www.wearyourbaby.com/ has videos of different ways to tie it. It is super easy, and there are lots of possible positions. I use the $1/yd fabric from Walmart, so it is very inexpensive--you can make coordinating wraps for your favorite outfits.

I am so grateful for my deans. Two of them have gone out of their way to suggest babywearing for me, and have been delighted when I wore the kids to class. I know a lot of workplaces are not as knowledgeable or supportive. I hope that some of the students who have seen how easy it is will try it out!

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Heather said...

You forgot to take this pink-ish one with you on Saturday. ;)