Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A moment of adoration

Elena was a bit fussy earlier this evening. I don't know what was bugging her, but something was obviously making her unhappy. On a bit of a tangent, it really upsets me when people dismiss a baby's needs as purely physical--if you are fed and have a clean diaper, then there is no reason to cry. Huh. How many times have *you* felt like crying, even though you have eaten and your clothes are clean? Emotional needs are just as valid as physical ones, and in a baby who cannot speak, how are we to know the difference, anyway?

So I picked her up, but that didn't work. We change positions, and that didn't work either. She didn't want to nurse. Finally, we found a position and rhythm while walking that made her more comfortable. She looked up at me with so much love and delight in her eyes--it was amazing how much she was able to convey without any words. It was a priceless feeling, to know that I had just made the world right for my little one. Of course, I set her down later, and she is starting to fuss again. So that is it for this post. :)

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Blessed Mama said...

There you go, spoiling that crying baby. Hee hee. Just kidding, of course.