Thursday, October 9, 2008

No clever title--just a note about reading

I love to read. Besides eating ;) it is my favorite activity. Before Joel was born, Ariana and I read together all the time. She is starting to get to the point of being interested in longer stories, so I started thinking back to books that I loved when I was small. I happened to be on Amazon at the time and saw a great deal on the first 12 books in Bobbsey twin series.

So the last couple of days, we've all been piling on the couch together, and I'll nurse Elena while Joel and Ariana each try to snuggle (and I used to think juggling was beyond me!). We've been reading about a chapter at a time. So far each chapter has been from a different book, which is causing a lack of coherence in the storyline, but they prefer choosing the cover that is most intriguing at a given moment. I don't know when we will actually read an entire book, but they are having a good time.

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