Thursday, October 9, 2008

Almost afraid to hope, but...

I think Ariana may have outgrown her wheat allergy! I'm trying to stay calm and remind myself that a reaction could still occur, but inside I am jumping for joy. She initially tested positive for wheat almost two years ago. Because of concerns about celiac, we kept exposing her for a few weeks after eliminating her other allergens. Her reaction to wheat was strictly behavioral. It would make her loud and ultra-emotional. She'd have tantrums and be bouncing off the walls.

A year ago, she had a food challenge with out allergist and reacted very quickly. The nurse, who knows us fairly well by now, immediately recognized that that behavior wasn't typical for Ariana. The allergist agreed she was still allergic. So we have been good at avoiding it for quite awhile. She accidentally got a tiny bite a few weeks ago, though, and didn't react. Carlos and I both commented on it, but let it go.

Then I fixed tacos a few days ago and didn't realize that we were out of corn tortillas. We had flour tortillas for Joel (who is allergic to corn) and she begged to try one, so I let her, watching her carefully the whole time and telling her to tell me immediately if she started to feel yucky.

Disclaimer: I take allergies seriously, even though most of the reactions we've experienced haven't been too severe. If your child is diagnosed with an allergy, I do NOT recommend do-it-yourself food challenges unless you have Epi-pens and your allergist's approval.

She ate every bite and was happy and calm the rest of the day. She has had another taco everyday since then and no trace of a reaction so far! Her reaction to egg doesn't appear until about 5 days after exposure, so I know that she might still develop a rash or something. I am try to contain my excitement,! If we could have wheat again, it would open up so many foods for us!

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