Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My favorite perfume

Miniature perfume dispensers
Image credit williamcho on Flickr
I've always been fascinated by the way a particular fragrance can instantly transport us to a certain time and place when we smelled it. As a child, I remember when I would visit someone's house my clothes still smelled like it even after I got home. Even now I think that I could identify many places and people just by scent alone.

So what are my favorite scents right now? Hands down, my husband and kids. With our allergy issues we don't even do too much on strong scents like perfume, etc., but I just love the way their skin smells. One of the most soothing things I can think of is snuggling my baby close and breathing in her scent. When Carlos was gone this summer, in the moments when I most missed him I would bury my face in one of his shirts and it was almost like getting a hug.

Of course, we've all been around people who, bless them, tend to radiate a pungent miasma of their favorite aftershave or perfume. Then there are others who only as we get very close can we smell the lovely fragrance they wear. I kind of think that that God's scent is like that. You have to get close to Him to really smell it. One of my favorite verses is I Cor. 2:14. It talks about how God spreads the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place. He does it through us. I hope that after visiting Him, my clothes smell like His house.

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Blessed Mama said...

I think you're right. God would never wear old lady perfume. Too intrusive. I like it...