Monday, August 18, 2008

What not to wear...

Fortunately, so far both Ariana and Joel take after their tias more than me when it comes to fashion sense (when they deign to wear clothing, that is. Both are very happy nudists most of the time). But even so, fashion is a trial and error thing sometimes.

A moment ago, Joel came up to me covered in lunch. He struck a pose--"TA DA! Mami, I'm wearing pizza!" He certainly was. After contemplating it for a moment, though, he decided he was ready for a change. "Mami, I don't want to wear pizza anymore. I want ropa (clothing) now."

Unlike the stereotypical boy who loves to be dirty, Joel is fairly fastidious, and would bathe several times a day. He quickly washed up (after first sharing a very saucy kiss with Elena) and put on a T-shirt. I offered him a pair of his favorite Spidey undies. "No, t'anks." Joel's idea of the well-dressed man includes a shirt and shoes (he is very into shoes), but not underwear or pants/shorts. But hey, he potty-trained himself as soon as he turned two, so at least there is no diaper, either.

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