Sunday, August 31, 2008

14 years

I've known Carlos for 14 years now--over 1/3 of my life, almost 1/2. I can still remember when we first met. It was Spanish Club. I have never had such a strong reaction to anyone at our first meeting. I forced myself to take incredibly detailed notes of a very boring meeting just so I wouldn't stare at him the whole time (I still stared a lot). It also provoked an argumentative internal dialog between my rational self and my intuitive self.

Intuitive Self--swoons (OK, perhaps I've read too many historical romance novels)

Rational Self--Get a grip. He's probably married.

Intuitive Self--He's not wearing a ring.

Rational Self--You don't even know if he's a Christian.

Intuitive Self--Yes, he is. I can tell.

Rational Self--Based on what? The only words he's said so far are his name and "nice to meet you"--hardly conclusive.

Intuitive Self--No, there is something about him...

Rational Self--snorts and rolls eyes

We met a few days later at our city's Hispanic Festival. He was wearing a Christian T-shirt (Intuitive Self: sticks out tongue). He and my mom had a nice conversation while I tried to keep Intuitive Self on a leash. As soon as we left, she turned to me and said, "You need to marry him. And you would have gorgeous children". (Intuitive Self: applauds and cheers Mom). Turns out that Intuitive Self was on to something. Dating was weird and had some twists and turns, but we have been very happily married for over nine years. I am so very, very glad that we met and that we married. He is an amazing person, husband and father. I enjoy him so much. He makes me more myself. Mom was right about the gorgeous kids, too. :)


granny2five said...

Moms can be right about the strangest things, can't they?

Blessed Mama said...

Cute post. I love hearing people's stories--especially the internal dialogue. The gorgeous kids part is soooo true. :)

Rebecca said...

Ha ha! That's so funny! Espec since I just said in your above post that your kids are gorgeous. LOL What a sweet story.

Maggi said...

I love your argument between your Intuitive Self and Rational Self.

And you *do* have gorgeous children! ;)

Sometimes you just know!
~Maggirayne from MDC