Sunday, August 17, 2008


I've resisted getting a blog until now for several reasons. I'm neither as witty nor as profound as many people whose blogs I enjoy. Also, I tend to do computer time in spurts, so I am apt to be a very sporadic blogger. But, it seems like fun at the moment, so why not? To counter the previously mentioned inconsistencies in posting, I plan to cheat and use some old letters and other posts, just to up the blog count.

Most of my thoughts are about relationships with my family and my God. Life has been full of joy, and I want to share my gratitude. Besides that, I am very opinionated, and this will be the perfect place for mounting my assorted soapboxes. So, my disclaimers are out of the way. I hope you find my posts thought-provoking and/or entertaining. Thanks for reading and joining me on the ride!

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