Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A circle of smiles

This morning, I decided to fix raspberry chocolate chip pancakes. It was such a little thing, and we do it often, but the joy on the kids' faces would make you think that it was an incredibly special treat. While I was cooking, Elena started to fuss. So my two-year-old rocket patiently spent a full half hour gently rocking her and caressing her. She smiled up at him until she fell asleep. Every couple of seconds he would turn to me in delight and say, "Baby's happy, mami!". When he stopped, Ariana immediately gave up her time on starfall to go play with them both. Each time someone saw how happy the other was, their own smiles widened. It was a beautiful way to start the day. Now, however, I must go rescue the cantaloupe that they are using for a bowling ball before it breaks. At least they are taking turns with it. :)

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granny2five said...

While doing some grocery shopping at Aldi's the other day, I purchased a not-too-large seedless watermelon. Didn't have a problem at all until I started to move the watermelon up to the child's seat of the grocery cart. It began slipping and sliding, and I began panicking!! Wouldn't you know, it fell onto the floor with a thud, and burst open spilling yummy red melon and seeds all over the floor. But it smelled soooo good! I apologized to the lady, went back and got another (being more careful not to drop it this time), and boogied on home. So, fortunately or unfortunately 9depending upon perspective) breaking melons doesn't end with childhood.