Sunday, February 1, 2009

Princess Party and Pics

After a week of getting about 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night, I think we are turning the corner. I actually feel rested, and the kids seem to be getting a little better, too. Elena is still wheezing some at night, and she and Joel both are drippy-nosed and congested, but playing very happily in the day and sleeping much better at night.

Since the kidlets were coming down with something, Ariana's birthday party was pretty low-key with just family. She cracks me up--she definitely wants the best of both worlds, with all the glitter and gorgeousness of the traditional princess, but with all the power of her favorite superheroes. We had a Fancy Nancy party (with many thanks to BlessedMama, from whom I stole the idea). Everyone dressed up. We had a chocolate heart-shaped cake with roses (which had several smears in the frosting where I had touched up some finger marks after the birthday girl sampled it). We also had little orange teacakes with a white chocolate glaze, empanadillas, and raspberry punch drunk from martini glasses with paper umbrellas in them.

Ariana got some lovely clothes from family members, as well as a guitar, and from us she got a Firestar action figure. I would still like to get her a little something else from us, maybe some art supplies. About halfway through the party, Elena's face broke out with a red, raised rash. I'm guessing it was from citrus, although I am not positive. So now we are back in the limbo of wondering which foods are safe and which aren't. I'm kind of hoping that it was some weird viral thing, but it went away quickly with Benedryl, and re-emerged the next time I nursed her, so I doubt the viral theory.

I can't believe my daughter is five! She is such a fun girl--I love listening to her and Joel play together. I know it is a cliche', but the time really does go by way, way too fast. I'll post pics before I get too maudlin. Look at those baby cheeks!


Blessed Mama said...

She is beautiful. I'm glad you had a great party--except for the rash. Sorry you have to do the elimination thing again. Ugh. You're right, though. It goes too fast!!!

Busy Momma said...

Your princess is beautiful! And so are you and Baby Elena! Glad you had a good birthday party!

dulce de leche said...

Aw, thanks! It is actually Ariana in the baby pics--they just look a lot alike!