Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The List

This is my special prayer list for Lent. There are many others whom I will be praying for, but these are the ones that specifically asked for prayer during this time. To me, one of the coolest things about praying for others is that it creates a bond. "Where our treasure [time, energy] is, our heart will be also." Already I am holding these people in my heart, and I would like to invite you to pray for them, too, not only for the things listed, but for grace, peace, hope, love and joy--that God's presence would fill their hearts and lives. Thanks!

Revvie--wisdom, spiritual guidance

Anaise and Liz--jobs to provide for their familes' needs, healthy babies

The Cox, Green and Sathers families--healing and grace

DrSteel's mom--cancer

MajorMilkFunction's family--her Aunt Mary passed away from cancer

Eliz2's family--dh is joining church, dd's 1st communion

cali_mami--a full-time job with benefits in Corcoran that nets at least $1300.00 a month

Pearl's friend, Baby J--2 months old, battling cancer and on chemo

ZachyTacky's FIL, Sonny--wrapping up radiation treatments for brain cancer

LaVaca--ds' health and eventual growth, dh's business venture

Meglet--dd's feet (Olivia). She's done with her surgery and casting now, but we're not quite sure it worked.

JillyG's friends--provision, a job that will allow them to keep their house, guarding the hearts of their children through this difficult time

AuLait's sister, Becki--protection and blessing as she does medical missions and language work in Guatemala

Lunch Buckets'dd's history teacher--brain tumor

Mandypta--no more eye infections

TabbyCat--rebuilding after loss of marriage

BlessedMama's friend, Michele--a mom of 3 (5, 4, and 2 years old) told she will be on chemo for the rest of her life for a brain tumor

All of those who preferred to remain anonymous--guidance, peace and provision; freedom from anxiety and panic attacks; renewed passion, delight and security in your relationship with God

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