Monday, February 23, 2009


Do you celebrate Lent? How? In the past, we've never really celebrated Lent, but I would like to this year. Lately, I have been feeling a tug to become more disciplined in...I started to say my spiritual life, but I believe that all of life is spiritual, and I've been seeing a need for it in every area. Some form of fasting or giving something up would be a good reminder for me.

I've been very blessed by fasting, but haven't done that since I was pregnant or breastfeeding. Recently, I've heard several ideas--giving up favorite foods, screen time, etc. One idea that I particularly liked was writing down 40 names and taking one day to pray especially for each one. I've been thinking of giving up chocolate (don't laugh!), but it feels sort of like cheating, because I've been suspecting an issue there with Elena, anyway. I could give up Internet except for email and my blog. I need to pray about it more, I guess. Anyway, I would love to hear any of your traditions or plans!


Ms. Burrows said...

I don't celebrate Lent. But I'm always interested in seeing what everyone else does.

Anonymous said...

Dulce, I celebrate Lent by thanking God for His goodness, faithfulness, love, and sacrifice. I know that whatever I do or don't do could never compare with ALL that He has done for me. I don't think that there is anything wrong with giving something up, as is said. I do love your idea of praying for a different friends throughout the fourty days. However, why not just rest in HIS presence, love and in arms!

Heather said...

We did for the first time last year. Kev and I gave up chocolate and processed sugars. It was SOOOO hard but such a wonderful experience! Pastor shared my blog entry last year one Sunday morning about how moving it all was for me.

I will probably do the same this year. Since, as you know (LOL), I LOVE chocolate, it's a hard thing to give up! But as I learned last year, giving up something you REALLY love and putting that devotion and desire back onto Father is life changing. It really forces you to stop and say, as Pastor taught last year, ", I want You more."