Saturday, February 21, 2009

Felicidades a Carlos

My beloved has now won the championship for the sixth year in a row! Congratulations, mi amado. Elena was very cooperative and well-behaved, despite not feeling too well (I suspect either teething or possibly an ear infection), and the students enjoyed having her in class. They did better than usual on the oral exams as well. One said it was easier to relax in the presence of a cute baby. :) After we got home, we wound up having a surprise (to me) party to celebrate Carlos' winning streak. It was a lot of fun. Carlos had some ribeyes that he had bought for a super-cheap price, we made blue-green potatoes (bleu cheese and green onion twice baked potatoes) and finished up with lots of decaf coffee and a pumpkin cake. The pumpkin cake was an experiment, but happily, a very successful one.

Later, we got into a very interesting discussion on fantasy fiction and its place in the life of a Christian. I will definitely post on it soon, but I'm sleepy and my thoughts are not as coherent as I would like. Elena is sleeping next to me and looks pretty happy. I am about ready to join her...

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