Monday, February 2, 2009

Around the lunch, towel

As I was serving the kids lunch, Ariana requested permission to eat in the living room. My first thought was to refuse, because we have beige carpet and I had fixed pasta with roasted chicken, garlic, grape tomatoes and mozzarella. Since I am working on remembering to find solutions that make us both happy, we brainstormed and put a huge towel on the floor to protect it.

She took a bite, closed her eyes rapturously, and said, "Oh, mom, this is good! Thanks so much for the wagon wheels!" I told her that I was happy she enjoyed it and that she was welcome. She smiled radiantly and said that I was the welcomest. :)

A few moments later, she told me seriously that her tummy was full now, so all the rest of the food would have to go to her feet. And then to her eyes and nose.

My mom came over and we finished up with cinnamon swirl toast topped with honey butter and cinnamon vanilla coffee topped with whipped cream. Ariana took a blissful lick of whipped cream off her coffee and sighed. "Mami, it tastes like love."


Blessed Mama said...

Awww...she's already quite the romantic, isn't she? Cute!

Ms. Burrows said...

It sounds like you've got a little girl who really knows how to appreciate the little things. That's beautiful. :)