Monday, September 1, 2008

Romans 8:28 also applies to dead batteries (Busy and Blessed Mamas--remember this?)

One of the best things about joining the modern world (aka getting on Facebook) has been getting back in touch with people I haven't seen recently. In particular, I've been enjoying hearing about BlessedMama and BusyMomma and their families. Their blogs are in my list--check them out if you haven't already. One reason that it has been cool to reestablish contact is because I first got to know them and God better at the same time.

I was about the same age Ariana is now, and feeling pretty heartsore. Nothing terribly tragic, but I had had a lot of adjustments in the past year. We had moved from Mexico, leaving all my friends, my dog and what I was used to, my parents were on the brink of divorce, and even though I had a wonderful, loving family, it was a lot to handle.

A beautiful spot in all of this was when BusyMomma and BlessedMama's family came to visit us for a little while. I was in awe of them, because they were Big Girls (at least a year or two older than I) and they knew all sorts of stuff, but they played with me! I remember laughing and laughing, and feeling so happy. Then I was distressed to hear that they were leaving the next morning. It was way too soon. I started to protest, and they confidently suggested that we pray about it.

Now, as the daughter and granddaughter of pastors, this wasn't a new concept, but it is the first time I remember deliberately asking God for something. We very seriously prayed that we would get another day together.

If our parents had been aware of this, they might have been a bit concerned, and felt obligated to point out all the cautions about how God might not answer this prayer the way we wanted Him to, and so on. But with a children's disregard for adult schedules and commitments, we simply told God that we wanted more time together. And we got it! The next day, much to the frustration of the adults, the battery was dead. By the time it was fixed, it was too late to start out, and they stayed another night. I can still remember the gladness, not only for extra time with special friends, but the delight that God cared enough to do listen and do something just because I asked Him. Wow!

From a theological perspective, there could be all kinds of arguments against attributing this to God, I know. Does God burn out batteries on vans? Possibly not. But for a sad little girl, it was proof that He answers prayer, and sparked faith that He would attend to other requests, whether trivial or profound. So, D and C, thanks so much for your friendship, then and now, and for being part of my first answered prayer. I know your parents would consider replacing a battery worth it to teach a child about God's love and involvement in our lives. And anyone else who is going through something frustrating, whether it is car trouble or something entirely different, you never know--God might use it in ways you would never expect.


granny2five said...

Oh, my word! What a beautiful story. I've never heard about it before. No wonder you've been such a woman of faith -- you learned it at a young age.

Blessed Mama said... made me cry. I DO remember this. We had so much fun together. I remember you calling my dad "Daddy Bill" or something like that and realizing--maybe for the first time--that I have a really fun daddy. It's sad how we get too "grown up" and theological to ask God for things. Oh, for childlike faith.

Busy Momma said...

What a great memory! As soon as I saw "Dead batteries," the memory popped right back in my head. Thanks for the reminding me of the beautiful memory (and the fun we all had together!).