Thursday, September 18, 2008

Alter egos and Christmas in September

We had a great afternoon. After picking up Carlos we met our very dear friends at the park. The weather was beautiful--sunny, but not hot. When we left, Carlos surprised us with a stop at an ice cream shoppe. Tart, fizzy, fresh limeade (almost as good as a Mexican limonada), a banana split (for Carlos--I don't like them), and ice cream for the kidlets.

When he got dressed today, Joel decided he was Spiderman (with the glittery shirt. It seems one of the side effects of an older sister is a fondness for sparklies. Or perhaps he just likes them on his own.) At the ice cream shoppe, Joel decided he was a puppy. He barked a few times (quietly, for which I was thankful). Then he lapped up his chocolate ice cream. As might be expected, he got as much on him as in him. He thought for a moment, then smiled and announced proudly, "I am a mud puddle!"

Our wonderful friends gave us a bunch of new clothes, too. For Ariana, this is as exciting as Christmas. Each item that she pulled from the bag produced lots of "ooohs" and "aahs". With each new piece of clothing, she squealed with delight, "Look, Mami, it is what I've always wanted!" (Many thanks, H. and Gracie :))

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