Sunday, September 21, 2008

Morning Rituals and my defense to the junk food police ;)

I love our morning rituals. After snuggling, Ariana and Joel mixed up fabulous apple-pie pancakes (organic applesauce, organic carrot juice, brown sugar, lots of cinnamon and vanilla, nutmeg, baking powder, buckwheat flour and some white chocolate chips for a buttery sweetness). After they made the batter, I fried them up until they were golden and crunchy, sort of like apple fritters.

You may have noticed that we do pancakes often. We munch on them all day. It is great because they work with all of our food allergy restrictions (eliminating wheat, corn, eggs and pork also eliminates a lot of traditional breakfast foods). We never use syrup, so the only sugar is the chocolate chips and the tiny bit of brown sugar we add, but the kids like them better than cookies.

Then Joel opened our coffee beans and took a deep sniff. "Oh, mami, this is going to be *really* good!" Ariana measured the beans, Joel ground them, and together we started a fresh pot of French vanilla coffee. (Further disclaimers: the kids rarely drink caffeinated coffee, although they love decaf and do get the occasional sip whenever we drink the real thing. We don't buy pop, though, so I figure it evens out).

I love tranquil, happy mornings. A relaxing and yummy start to the day just seems to make the rest of the day calmer. Eh, or maybe I'm just addicted to sweets and coffee. :) By the way, for those who may be wondering, no one has made negative comments criticizing our breakfast choices. I am just a little paranoid. Maybe it's from too much coffee? :D

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