Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ay, mier...coles!

Joelito, who is of course the delight of my eyes and the joy of my existence, has managed to insert Unidentified Foreign Objects deep into the bowels of both toilets. Despite multiple trips to Lowe's and Home Depot, Carlos' best efforts to unclog them have thus far been in vain. Taking them apart will be the last ditch effort tonight before calling in a costly professional.

I am not a profane woman; I often even eschew euphemisms. (Although I admit to being proud of the title today. For non-Spanish speakers, it technically means Wednesday, which is of course appropriate. It also could be the equivalent to "Shi....take mushooms"). I admit, however, that this situation just seems to be begging for potty jokes. So as not to offend my more genteel readers, I will leave them to your imaginations. But if you come up with a particularly good one, feel free to leave a comment (which may not be published, but will amuse me anyway). :)

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