Friday, September 5, 2008

Feliz cumpleaños, mi amor

Today is Carlos' birthday :) He has gotten food gifts from every class, including two key lime pies, several bag of chips and multiple snack bars. I ordered a hard to find DVD that he had been wanting, and we're having a party tomorrow with lots of former colleagues and old friends. We're both looking forward to seeing them.

I've also got a new class starting tomorrow. New classes are fun, although this one is long (3 hours) and uses the new book, which I *really* dislike. It is full, which is always good news. Also great news is that Carlos is going to bing Elena by to nurse so I don't have to pump. I'm tempted to just wear her to class like I did with Joel, but I won't on the first day. I'll give them a day or two before showing off my full hippy-parenting ;)

I've been reading the book by Dr. Wootan--it is fantastic. Great medical advice, solid breastfeeding info (even some stuff that I was unfamiliar with), does NOT recommend vaccinating, does recommend co-sleeping, and has a nice section on discipline, too. It is cool to read the book and also have a window into their lives from things his brother (Elena's doctor!) has mentioned about their family. I highly recommend it!

One last comment about Carlos--I am so grateful to be his wife. He is such an amazing man. Every day with him is a gift for me.

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