Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Divine Intervention: A Fashion Testimony

In many areas, I am a reasonably capable, accomplished woman. Fashion is not one of them. I've admitted my ineptitude in the past. It is just depressing, you know? For one thing, between four pregnancies in the last seven years, my size is in a constant state of flux. Additionally, every top that I buy has to be breastfeeding compatible or it just isn't worth the few times I might wear it (and obviously, most dresses are out). Finally, with four kidlets needing a new set of clothing about every three or four months due to growth and seasonal changes, my default is to spend our clothes budget on them.

Today, the Lord took mercy on me and guided my steps. I was at the store buying some much needed socks for Ariana. On the way to the kids' section, I passed a display of really cute jeans. I was wearing my only pair, nice, comfy ones that I have had for nearly seven years. Finding good jeans, like bras and swimsuits, requires heavenly help in the first place. At this point, I didn't even know what size I wore (which usually doesn't matter, since that varies among brands, anyway). Yielding to impulse (which in hindsight I believe was an angelic nudge), I grabbed a pair, guessing wildly as to size.

Now, some would say that the Almighty has far more important things to do than to care about my clothes. Why, yes. Yes, he does. On the other hand, Jesus Himself told us not to worry about clothes, because God dressed the flowers in far greater glory than kings, and He cares even more about us. Luke 12:27-28 I tried on the jeans, and they fit perfectly!

Just in case I needed further proof that this was the Lord's leading, as I put my old pair back on, they ripped, exposing a significant portion of my underwear! I was thankful that my top was very long. Walking to the checkout, carefully clutching my top in order to avoid mooning everyone, I saw that the jeans were 50% off. I bought two pair.


Darla said...

This story makes me smile! :)

Ms. Burrows said...

That's great. :D

I'm mostly ok with my fashion ineptitude. But there are times I'm frustrated that I'm not good at looking good. I could use a bit of divine intervention, or at least a girlfriend to tell me what to wear, lol

granny2five said...

Well, the clothes He may not care too much about - but I think He definitely wanted your tushie (sp?) covered. Love this.

Blessed Mama said...

Getting the right size the first time around AND getting them 50% off--that IS a miracle! I love that!

Hermana Linda said...

My sister in law is always telling me stories like that. She is always saying to the effect of, "God is faithful to take care of the small stuff also."

My Feminine Mind said...

I find that no detail is too small for God to concern himself with.