Saturday, December 4, 2010

Road trip!

We are not crazy.  We are not crazy.  We are not crazy.  We are not crazy.  Are you convinced yet?  I am almost there.  Yes, we are taking a holiday road trip of 2,000+ miles with four children, ages 6, 4, 2 and 5 months.  But no, we are not crazy...   OK, I am still sensing some disbelief here.

In our defense, I will say that we went to Puerto Rico (obviously not a road trip, but still...) when the baby was only ten days old.  It was a delightful trip.  Our kids have been traveling since infancy, and handle it admirably.   And there is no way I would have them go through the sexual molestation by government agents ordeal by going through an airport (which we can't afford, anyway).  However, I know that long days in a van can wear on everyone, so I am preparing a list of travel tips to keep it fun for everyone.  Please, please PLEASE chime in with your own tips--I could really use them!

*Easily accessible changes of clothes for everyone.  Our two year old gets car sick frequently, and we tend to be spontaneous types who are always deciding to do things on the spur of the moment that might require a change in attire, so that is a given.  A couple of extra towels, and a cup will also be on hand.

*Standard supplies: snacks, books, CDs, and Febreeze-substitute (does anyone have a good recommendation for a natural deodorizing spray?  Perhaps lavender or tea tree oil?)

*Slip on shoes.

*Getting the wiggles out every time we stop.

*Inexpensive surprises.  I am thinking of stopping by a place like Dollartree and picking up a few surprises to bring out if boredom settles in.

*Sock ball.  We found that a really fluffy sock makes a good ball for playing catch safely when one of the kids is rear-facing. 

*Pillows and blankies.  Our kids have never had security objects, but having their own pillows is just nicer whenever we travel, and a blankie to snuggle with makes it easier to rest. 

*Games for a 4 and 6 year old?  I can think of several that Ariana would enjoy, but I am not so sure about the younger ones.  Any ideas?

What else?  Am I missing some?


Rebecca said...

Hmm... I won't comment on the "crazy" part ;)

We did a lot of 4 hr per day commutes a yr ago and these are some things that kept Helena bz in the car.

lots of stickers and paper or something to stick them on

those little Dover sticker books where u dress the person or set up the scene are fun

magnetic pictures where u can move the characters around the scene

stories on CD

snacks (unless of course that contributes to more car sickness)

mini pads of paper and mini colored pencils (b/c they don't melt in the seats like crayons do)or coloring books although Helena has never gotten into coloring books

Hope you all have a great trip!! Seriously, if you are all used to travelling, then nothing crazy about it. :)

dulce de leche said...

Oooh, great ideas! I love the sticker book/magnetic pic suggestions. Thank you so much for sharing. :) BTW, are you still blogging? I always enjoyed your posts so much. <3

Staci said...

Lots of favorite books, even for the one's who can't read. Having something familiar in an unfamiliar place is always helpful.
Box of ziploc sandwich baggies. They're great for dividing up snacks and you can zip em right up if they don't eat it all. Paper towels. No explanation needed. My grandma would always take a couple wash rags in (separate) ziploc bags for quick cleanups.
Most important thing to remember, your imagination. We made A LOT of road trips to Alabama when I was little and we never would have made it without lots of spontaneous road games.
Have a safe and wonderful trip and enjoy making all those special memories!!

dulce de leche said...

Thank you so much, Staci! Great ideas. I hope my kids have memories as special as yours. <3