Monday, June 1, 2009

Hold on tight

After lots of lazy, carefree days, the summer schedule has hit with a vengeance! I'm teaching 6 credit hours in 16 days. I've got a good class, and today went really well. Of course, the hard part is being away from the kidlets. Still, I am really grateful for how things are working out.

Today Elenita stayed with MIL, while my mom took care of Ariana and Joel. MIL lives just 10 minutes from my school, so I was able to come and nurse Elena on my lunch break. She cried when I left and tried to cling to me. While that was hard, at least I knew she was with her abuelita who loves her dearly, who will comfort her and care for her to the best of her ability.

She only cried a few moments after I left, but then Carlos called. Once she heard his voice, she was inconsolable for the next hour, and just kept crying and piteously repeating, "Dadada. Papapa" over and over. She is very much a Daddy's girl!

Those of you on my Facebook may have seen that Joelito got ahold of the scissors this weekend and decided to cut his hair. Some of the chunks were several inches long. However, after my initial period of mourning, and the professional cut to repair the damage, I actually like the new 'do better. :)

Here is the new look--can't you tell by the grin that this little guy has mischief down to an art form? Good thing he is super sweet!

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Tara said...

He is such a cutie pie. I love his new hair cut.