Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Abba's Day

It is very cool to me that God chose to reveal Himself as our Father. He wants us to approach Him as our Daddy. Daddy. Papi. Abba.

One of the best things in my life the last five years has been seeing our kids relate to Carlos. They love being with him.

Every morning, Elena looks for him as soon as she wakes up, and joyfully squeals "Dadada!" as soon as she sees him. She'll fearlessly launch herself towards him, knowing that he'll catch her. The trust and delight in their relationship is incredibly sweet.

Joel has taken to singing songs to Carlos on a regular basis, just because he loves pouring out his heart to his daddy. Last night, Joel fell asleep singing to him. They play games constantly, and his laughter with Carlos is a song in itself.

Ariana's joy overflows when she goes riding bikes with him, and learns something new. Sharing her achievements with him make them even more special to her. When she is stuck in sadness, he can lift her out by helping her giggle and think of something else until she has the perspective to face the problem.

I think we've all heard of fathers who, for whatever reason, wound up blurring the view we have of God. I know that no earthly father is perfect, but I see the love that permeates the relationship between our children and Carlos, and know that they have a solid basis for trusting their heavenly Father and His love for them. What an amazing gift!

As they grow in age and faith, I hope they never lose the exuberance and confidence to throw themselves into God's arms. I hope that He will always be the one they seek before anyone else. I want them to always pour their hearts out to the One who rejoices over us with singing. With each new challenge, I want them to find strength and joy in Him. I hope that they can rest in Him when they are hurting, and be healed. I want them to grow closer each day to their Abba.