Friday, May 15, 2009

Patience has ceased to be a virtue

...according to the estimable Mr. Harrison. Like him, I've never had much to begin with. Logically, I know that it often takes a week or two to get results back from the RAST. I've already called the allergist once, just in case. I'm really, really trying to contain the urge to pester them.

But I hate not knowing what is causing Elena's reactions. This week, instead of hives, she has had an extremely faint rash and runny nose in response to either eggs or potatoes, or both, I believe. So I did grocery shopping planning on not using any of either (eggs are easy to avoid, since I only get those if we eat out, because Ariana is allergic to them).

Aside from the allergy stuff, all three kidlets have a very nasty sounding cough. Joel rarely coughs, but Elena and Ariana can't sleep because it wakes them, and with Ariana the coughing spells seem to last forever. Pobrecita. No fever or other symptoms, though, and I'm hoping that it will just blow over quickly. I don't have a whole lot of patience on that, either. Seems to be a pattern with me...

ETA: LOL. A few minutes after posting this, our allergist called to let us know that they still hadn't received the results, but would contact me as soon as they did. I'm choosing not to get all paranoid and read into it anything more than courtesy. :D

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