Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A different direction

So, after just commenting in a recent post about how thankful I have been with the career choices that we have been led into, suddenly I'm seriously contemplating a switch.

I started college as a nursing major, and completed all the prerequisites. I loved it. But in my sophomore year, opportunities to teach Spanish fell into my lap, and I loved doing that, too. So I switched majors and have been very happy with that choice. I've taught adjunct college classes for more than 10 years, and enjoy it. I could easily continue doing it, although to be 100% honest, it has become somewhat routine. I taught K-12 for 5 years, and while it had some wonderful moments, vehemently dislike the thought of doing it again.

I expected to, though, because Carlos and I agreed that once our youngest was in school, that I would go back to work full time. For several reasons, it is unlikely (although possible) that a fulltime college position would be available, but there is no doubt that I could get on at a K-12 school without any problems. Except that the hours and pay are not great, and I know how draining it is.

Today, we started talking about the possibility of me going back to nursing school. Carlos' university has one of the best programs in the state, and I would have tuition benefits, so most likely I'd just be paying for books and fees.

I am so excited! Compared to the weighed-down feeling I had about going back to K-12, the excitement and anticipation I feel are tremendous. I checked the degree plan, and it looks like about 15 courses, depending on whether or not I need to retake any of the previous classes (and I am rusty, so I probably should).

I had thought that someday I'd like to take more of that type of course anyway, just for personal enjoyment. This sounds like an even better idea. I feel like the combination of nursing and Spanish is a good move for future job security, and I can see it benefiting us in many ways.

We'll see what happens. We want to pray about it some more and look into things more carefully--this idea is still new to us. But I can feel my spirit soaring like a helium balloon right now at the potential future.


Blessed Mama said...

Wow! I just never know what you're going to say. I think that sounds exciting, and nurses seem to have tons of flexibility with hours--making it a great choice for moms.

Busy Momma said...

How exciting! As a former nurse recruiter, I know how "in demand" nurses are, and with your Spanish background as well, you'll have NO problems finding work! Keep us updated on your decision!!!