Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Potty talk

Photo by Sundaze on Flickr
Overheard while Joelito was using the bathroom:

I need do peepee, but, Spiderman, you go first. OK, my turn. (Sadly): But, Spiderman, you can't do peepee, because you don't have a penis. (It would seem that his action figures are not anatomically correct). (Sympathetically): Don't worry, Spiderman, when you get bigger...(pause as he realizes that plastic Spideys don't grow), when you are a boy like me, 'cause boys have penis...(another pause as he contemplates, then with the confidence of one who has resolved to believe and have faith despite any doubts)...hey, Spidey, I can teach you! Look! (Delightedly and with great pride) I can do peepee standing up!


Dorm Mom said...

LOL, that's priceless!

Joy said...

That is precious and hilarious.