Sunday, March 15, 2009

Moving forward and backward

I seem to alternate between posting styles--parenting stuff, personal stuff, spiritual-type stuff. I think it is usually on the weekends when I tend to post the random collections of odds and ends about whatever we've been up to, so here goes. It is kind of funny, because some of it is disturbingly similar to previous events from a few months ago. Even the new stuff seems to have elements of deja vu.

Last Sunday was Elena's dedication (pics to come). It was very cool (although she slept through the whole thing), and brought back memories of Ariana and Joel's dedications, too. In reading the Old Testament, I was always impressed by how often it repeated that the firstborn was dedicated or set apart for God. For us, dedicating each of our children was a way of affirming our gratefulness and awareness of the responsibility and privilege of being their parents. We know that God is the Giver of Life, and that ultimately, they belong to Him. We believe that each has an amazing destiny ahead, and that already they are bringing transforming love into this world.

We changed Joel's carseat to forward-facing, but we may switch it back. He turned three back in January, and is over 30 lbs now, and I thought his seat was safe rear-facing to 33lbs. It is actually safe to 35lbs, so we have a little longer. Additionally, he has complained, nearly in tears, every time we've gotten in the van because he wants to be rear-facing again! Carlos is stunned, because Joel's legs were folded up quite a bit before, and this looks more comfortable, but Joel hates it. He wants to be able to see Elena from his seat. I know rear-facing is still safer, so we may change it back.

Poor Elena is missing random chunks of hair. I think my mother-in-law got scissor-happy while I was at work. Carlos didn't know anything about it this time. You may remember a post at the beginning of the year when Joelito's hair got whacked. I didn't say much to her then, because Carlos had approved it. I said plenty to him. Now I need to decide how much drama to create this afternoon, on her birthday--yeah, quite great timing, huh? It's awful, though--Elena had lovely hair already to her shoulders, and a beautiful shape, and now...well, let's just say that people will probably falsely accuse Ariana and Joel of playing barbershop with her. I know any comments will result in hurt feelings, but I don't want any more unapproved hair cuts!

On a happier topic, Spring Break is here! Carlos and I both have the entire week off! I am excited. Sometimes, our schools have been a week apart, which made things a little more complicated. I don't know for sure what we'll do, but probably a couple of day trips, maybe back to the Children's Museum. We had so much fun the last time. I posted pics and details about it last fall.

I am really hoping that everyone gets/stays healthy. In yet another blast-from-the-past moment, everyone has shown (very, very mild) symptoms of the ickiness that went around earlier. Ariana threw up in the middle of the night last week, Joel went three days without any food at all (although he did nurse much more often), Elena vomited once, and Carlos has been feeling ill, too. Today Joel actually ate a little, and his fever is gone. Ariana seemed warm a few minutes ago, though. They've been playing happily all week, though, and haven't been acting sick at all. In passing, I have to say how incredibly grateful I am for the relationship they have. They haven't fought all week that I can recall. (Watch me end that streak with this post!) I wish I could claim credit for it, but they just like each other a lot. With all the stuff that has been cycling around lately, this is one thing that I hope stays the same.

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