Friday, March 27, 2009

Minutiae (mostly boring) of the last few days

I can tell that I'd gotten in the habit of posting more frequently--just a few days without computer access seems like so much longer. Our old, faithful laptop died (although I really hope for at least a temporary resurrection to retreive photos) and so we've been without a computer until now. I have to say, that although I was content with our old one, this is sooooo much nicer. For one, it has all of its keys (the old one was missing several). Secondly, it has a numeric keypad, which makes it much easier to type in Spanish.

On the medical front, it appears that our ped was satisfied with my unembellished "no, thank you" for vaccinations. It isn't something that I would have caved on, but I really hoped to avoid the hassle of changing everything with our insurance, so I am relieved. I appreciate all the encouragement from you all! Also, did anyone catch that they are now looking at a possible link between the Gardasil vax and an extrememly rapidly progressing form of ALS? I have a dear uncle who is currently suffering from ALS, and can only imagine the heartbreak of having one of my kids get it.

Ariana had an allergist appointment, and we are going in for a skin test for olives and green beans in a week or two. I honestly couldn't care less if we have to avoid green beans for the rest of her life, but with out trip to Puerto Rico, it would be a huge relief to not have to worry about foods cooked in olive oil (she broke out in hives the last time she had EVOO).

She also had another dentist visit. Ouch! (Not for her yet, but for us). I knew she had a couple of bad cavities, but the pediatric dentist we were referred to wants to do several crowns! Yikes! Apparently, they don't all have cavities yet, but the enamel is gone on her back teeth (maybe from the reflux she had when she was younger?) and she thinks this is our only option. I don't know--the family dentist said she needed some fillings only, but the ped dentist indicated that she needed much more extensive work. We had planned to stop by Disneyworld on the way back from Puerto Rico, but that is no longer an option.

Joelito was spinning around and around until he got dizzy yesterday, and fell and hit his ear on the door. He cried for a minute, but that was all, and acted like his normal self. Well, at bedtime, a couple of hours later, he started to say that he was afraid of vomiting. I admit it, I don't get easily rattled about myself, but I do with my kids. He then seemed fine (never threw up) and since it had been a few hours, we let him go to sleep. It didn't last long. He woke up in an hour complaining of ear pain. Of course, I'm thinking of Natasha Richardson, and ready to take him to the ER.

Carlos thought that it was mainly his stuffy nose that was bothering him, so we prayed for him and I took him to the couch (with his Spidey blankie and Iron Man blankie) and a flashlight to check his eyes. They were tracking fine, although he shut them too fast for me to check dilation. But we talked for awhile and he sounded completely normal--no disorientation or slurring. He fell back to sleep and I read all my medical stuff that basically said that he didn't need to see a doctor. Sitting upright did help his nose a lot, and he woke up fine except for a runny nose. Elena was also up every hour with a runny nose, both also have a mild cough today, and Ariana and Carlos seem to be getting a cold, too. I'm hoping it is just allergies for everyone.

The kidlets have been playing all evening yesterday and all day today with their play food and kitchen set. I moved it for them and arranged things a bit, and they have been so excited. I've eaten at least ninety plastic meals, and the variations keep coming. They've dubbed Elena the "petite sous chef", and have tirelessly created new delicacies for me to sample. It is very cute.

I go back to teaching tomorrow, unless class is canceled. After temps near the 80s a week or two ago, we are expecting a freak snowstorm to give us 3-6" of snow tonight and tomorrow. Typical for the extremes we get here, though. If we do get snow, I'm stocked up on reading material. I indulged in the Spanish translation of the latest Amelia Peabody adventure, and a quick peek indicates that the translation was really well done. I am looking forward to a long soak in the tub with the book and a hazelnut latte.

I can't remember if I posted about our latest coffeehouse and crepes find, but I'll save it for tomorrow. An amazing place. Also, I just finished reading Hold On to Your Kids. Wow. Not since Unconditional Parenting has a parenting book shifted my paradigm so thoroughly. It is a great book, and I think that even my more mainstream friends would appreciate it.


Blessed Mama said...

Sorry your dental work is preventing the disney trip. Bummer!!! I can't think of a worse way to spend money. I have several thousand dollars of dental work coming up, too, and I'm not very happy about it.

Sounds like you've had a fun break. Hope everyone is well.

Polly said...

Oooh, the dental work sounds unfortunate! I have enjoyed reading about your little ones!

I have read about half of Hold on to Your Kids. I must finish it!!! (I think I started it last summer....)

Heather said...

Hello dear friend!

I tried commenting on the vax post the other day but I'm having gmail issues. Anyway...I'd be willing to bet that a lot of it has to do with $$$ and the doc being pushed by the drug reps. Glad to hear that the doc was satisfied with your "no thanks" though!!!

I see the library has that book. I'm putting it on hold today! Looks like a good one.

Once it warms up again (lol) we'll have to get together! I'm sure Matthew would enjoy playing with Joel and I'd love to just sit and chat!!