Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Crocodile, Tale

As narrated by Ariana, age 5:

Mom, did you know what I did today while you were gone? I saved someone! There was a man in a purple shirt with long sleeves, and a crocodile bit him! I think it bit him three times, or maybe it was four...I don't know. Well, after that, I tricked the crocodile. I told the crocodile to open his mouth so that he could eat a lollipop, and then when his mouth was open I pulled the man out and gave him to Baby Elena so that she could protect him. Then we gave the crocodile his lollipop. Well, he got cavities. The End. Um, mom, the story wasn't real.


Busy Momma said...

So cute!!!

Blessed Mama said...

Whew! I'm sure you were nervous before she told you it wasn't real. :) Great imagination!