Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guests of Honor

Guest of Honor Table
Doesn't this make you think of a warm summer evening with friends?

We have entered into the wild and wooly summer schedule now.  I am teaching 6 hours a day for the rest of the month, and then about 3 days after classes end, we are taking a new group of students to Puerto Rico for a couple of weeks for a class there.  We are using a new textbook for that class that I need to spend time with before the trip, and of course, there are all the usual things of daily life with four kidlets.  Something has to get cut, at least a little bit, and it was either family time or computer/blogging time.  Guess what I picked?

The really cool part of that is that some of my fabulous blogging friends are helping me out.  I am so excited about sharing their guest posts here, and so grateful and honored that they would do this.  These are amazing ladies full of worthwhile things to say, and I am thrilled to be able to share them here.  We have lots to look forward to!  :)

A sneak preview for you:  expect posts from Little Bird You are Perfect, The Hippie Housewife, One Rich Mother and more!  The first one will be up very soon.  :)

And, this last week I did a guest post of my own for the Tiki Tiki blog series on Becoming Mami.  It was so much fun and already I am finding new amigas who make my heart smile.

Many thank yous to my wonderful friends--I am so very honored and grateful for all of you who read here, for all of you that would write here, and most of all for your friendship.  You are a dearly loved part of my parenting community.  <3


Chantilly Patiño said...

Very cool! Bravo to you! That's a smart way to manage your time and it will be fun to read some guest post from some equally awesome blogs! Enjoy the break and your family! :)

dulce de leche said...

Gracias, amiga! Espero que tu verano sea maravilloso también. <3