Friday, January 15, 2010

The worst part of Hell

I admit that I have somewhat neglected my children's theological training on the topic of Hell. It really hasn't been a priority for me at their ages. Still, I am sure that they have had some exposure to the concept. This became clear this afternoon as I was trying to help sick little Elena fall asleep. I overheard Ariana imparting her full store of knowledge on the the Great Abyss to Joelito.

"Joel, Hell is really, really bad. You don't ever want to go there. For one thing, the Devil lives there, and it is scary. And I think there is fire everywhere. And it is bright red." Her voice dropped to a thrilling whisper. "But do you know the worst part of Hell?" Joelito's eyes grew wide with fright. "What?" he whispered back tremulously. In a voice of solemn dread, she whispered back, "The very worst part of that there is no chocolate."

Joel was horror-stricken. "No chocolate? Not even a little bit?" Ariana shook her head sadly. "No, no chocolate. Not ever." Joelito shut his eyes tight and prayed fervently, "Dear Jesus, please take me to heaven with you. Don't ever let me go to Hell!"


granny2five said...

This is wonderful! From the mouths of babes. . .

Carrie said...

That's precious!