Thursday, January 28, 2010

Butter Comfort

Photo by ewige on Flickr

I have come to believe that the appropriate response to a woman who is upset is a silent hug and good chocolate.

I love this poem by Darlene Pitts (quoted with her permission):

Butter Comfort

Do not pass me a pat answer
to butter the bread of my sorrow.
"Whys" and "wherefores," "thus" and "therefores,"
"It will be better tomorrow."

How do you know?

Unlike the true taste of caring,

oleo quotes, fake-faith cliches,
glide on smoothly, leave an oily,
heartburn film of fat Pharisee.

Say what you feel
know to be real
nothing at all

Just give me a hug!

c. Darlene Pitts 2005