Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Miss Personality

I don't think I really have a favorite age yet. I love the newborn stage when they are so cuddly--nothing feels as good as snuggling a sleeping baby. I love the toddler stage (yes, really) when they are learning so much so quickly. Joel is almost three, and his humor and tender heart bring smiles to every day. At nearly five, Ariana is a joy to be with--I marvel at how she can instantly transform from babyish to mature (and back again in less than a second). She is growing up so fast, but still is a little girl.

In the last few weeks, Elena (six months) has made it clear that she can communicate. She isn't using words yet, although she is babbling quite a bit, and likes for us to play games where we mimic each other. Her expressions, though, are worth a thousand words, or at least several hundred. When we pick her up, or guess correctly at what she wants, the satisfaction oozes all over her face. If we are tardy in responding or guess the wrong thing (leche when she wants to play, a toy when she is sleepy, whatever), the look of indignant reproach is comical and heart-rending at the same time.

She is not as laid back as I remember the other two at this age. She isn't fussy, and will happily occupy herself (or let her siblings occupy her) for at least a few seconds. Still, she is quite particular about the position she is held in. She is also much more apt to fall asleep in bed, whereas her siblings would sleep anywhere and everywhere. I can definitely see when she gets overstimulated. She is sensitive to noise, light and people. Her smile has so much sweetness I can't help but kiss her. I love her determination to get a toy that is out of reach. She isn't crawling yet, but she rolls and wriggles until she gets where she wants. Our little tumbleweed. :) She is interested in everything, and loves to examine new objects in minute detail. Both of the others always had a hand down my shirt; she sticks her fingers in my mouth instead.

It is so much fun to see her personality develop. I can't wait until she can express herself verbally, but she is managing quite nicely even now to let us know what is on her mind.


Ms. Burrows said...

Thank you. You are so sweet. I just copied the pic to my desk top and used the little button for adding a picture to my post and there it is.

It really is fun watching their personalities develop. My father in law has it down to a science, lol. He's always talking about personality types and whether Evy is the same as his (INTP or something like that)

Rebecca said...

How fun it must be to discover all those different personalities! I always wonder what our next one (whenever that is) will be like, how she/he will be the same and/or different from Helena.