Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dissension between chefs...

First, Happy New Year to all of you! I hope that 2009 is filled with love, joy and peace for all of you. We are all recovered and enjoying the last few days before classes start up again.

I will eventually post all the holiday stuff, but I wanted to share this little conversation before I forgot.

We made the Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings today. They are still in the oven, but smell great. Ariana tried out her new pastry cutter (a Christmas gift) since we weren't using the pre-cut dough. She prefers the curly-edge side to the straight one, because it is prettier and fancier.

This inspired her to look through her own cookbook (another Christmas gift) and plan out her birthday menu. She saw a popcorn cake that looked enticing, but I told her we could not do that one because of Joel's corn allergy. Both kids are used to food allergies and understand that although we often allow them each to eat things that the other can't, we sometimes choose things that the entire family can eat. The disappointment from this appeared to exceed my anticipation, however, because a few minutes later I heard them talking.

Ariana (sorrowfully): Joel, I'm sorry, but for my birthday I am having a cake that you are allergic to.

Joel (dismayed): But I want cake, Nana!

Ariana (sympathetically): I know you do, Joel, but if you eat this one, you would vomit and vomit and vomit (our recent tribulations are still fresh in her memory). It has wheat and eggs and pork.

Joel (disgusted): Ariana, you are supposed to make a yummy cake, not a yucky one!

Normally, I ascribe to the view that bacon makes everything better, but in this case, I must concur with Joel.

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