Friday, November 7, 2008

My little lactivists and their Elmo doll

Overheard as the kidlets were playing this morning:

Joel: Elmo is hungry. I think he wants a taco.

Ariana: Joel, that's silly. Elmo can't eat tacos. He can only have leche.

Joel: Oh, yes. He's too little. Come here, Elmo, I give you leche.

Ariana: Joel, usually only girls give leche.

Joel: OK, Nana. You give Elmo leche.

Ariana: Alright. (lifts shirt and pretends to nurse Elmo doll for two seconds) OK, he's done. (throws Elmo on his head).

Joel: Now it's my turn. (lifts shirt and pretends to nurse for about 15 seconds). Elmo's crying, Nana. We need to pick him up. (pretends to nurse some more). Look, Elmo's happy! Now Elmo wants a toy. I sorry, Elmo, I don't have toy for you. (hugs Elmo tight) Hey, let's put Elmo in rocket ship!

Ariana: Got it! (commences tossing Elmo into the air) Now I am a butterfly, and I will take you away.

Joel: Oh, look. Elmo did peepee. The baby did poopies, Mami. (I wonder if someone--not Elmo--might have had an accident. Thank goodness, the carpet is clean.)

Ariana: It's cold out and raining. Quick! We have to bring the blanket with us, so we don't get wet.

Joel: (urgently) Elmo needs his jacket!

Ariana: In here! (motions under blanket)

All three are now snuggling together under their blanket. :)

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