Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blech. A day of disappointments...with a happy ending?

Ugh. Yesterday was frustrating and today hasn't been much better, yet.

Our dishwasher broke a week or so ago, and installing the new one turned out to be a bit more difficult than anticipated.

Yesterday, a large deposit that had cleared was charged back to my account. Problem is, since I was told it had cleared, I had already made some electronic payments. Nearly two hours on the phone and one in person visit later, I think I may be able to avoid most of the associated fees. The cynic in me, however, notes that so far every person has had a different answer and timeline version, so it is possible that the next person I talk to will change things again.

Neither the kids nor I slept more than a few hours last night.

A good friend who is about to have three kids in daipers knew I liked cloth, and after a few questions ordered over $200 worth of FuzziBunz. She woke up this morning to a huge blow-out poop and all the mess and frustration that goes with that. She is so disappointed that she is planning to return the ones she didn't use. Rationally, I could maybe help troubleshoot so that she doesn't have that experience again. Irrationally, I feel as guilty as if I had stolen a couple of hundred dollars from her family.

Finally, I had been looking forward all week to using a gift certificate to get my hair cut and colored. Since I am normally a $7 Walmart do-it-yourself haircolorist and 3x/year Supercut person, going to this salon had me very excited. It is one of the fancy ones where the tip alone is nearly double my usual cut. They just called and cancelled. I'll have to reschedule, and that is always a pain.

I want a really, really good coffee drink, a long soak in the tub with lots of lavendar oil, Mexican food with corn tortillas, a good book, and most of all, lots of uninterrupted time with Carlos. I will settle for leftover coffee from this morning, however long a bath I can get before one of the kids urgently needs me ,no lavendar oil :( , a homemade taco with the only flour tortillas that are corn-free (Joel is allergic), maybe re-reading a few pages of an old book before the bath is interuppted, and as much time with Carlos as I can get, which will most likely be full of interruptions.

To put things in perspective, though, all the little disappointments are pretty minor. The kids, Carlos and I are all well, our needs and most of our wants are met. And Top Chef is on tonight. If it is cancelled for some reason, though, I just might throw a tantrum.


granny2five said...

Ah. And life goes on . . .

Tina said...

Sounds like a busy rough day. I hope your chef show made you happy.

dulce de leche said...

Thanks. :) Actually, I wound up having a great evening once Carlos was home. Just being together seems to make any day better.