Saturday, November 8, 2008

Maybe I am growing?

Well, the boobs, waist (or what was once upon a time my waist) and hips seem to be constantly growing, and my arm flab waving in the breeze could knock over small children, but that isn't what I meant. I was thinking recently about ways that I've changed in the last several years. Besides turning into a crunchy leftover hippy ;). For people who knew me before, probably one of the most obvious differences is that I am getting more comfortable with being around a lot of people.

I've always been the anti-social one of the family. Not really a good thing when your parents and parents in law are pastors. I like people, at least most of them, but I love solitude. Give me an endless supply of good books, good coffee and good chocolate, and I could spend days without talking to anyone. Growing up, whether it was a family gathering or a church meeting, as soon as I could slip away I would hole up with a good book. I didn't even like birthday parties. Maybe I get overstimulated way too easily, because one on one situations are much easier for me, but I've always craved time alone.

My beloved husband, however, is much more social than I. He loves being hospitable and enjoys having parties at every opportunity. Somehow without me realizing it, this seems to have rubbed off on me, at least a little bit. Every semester we have several classes over for a movie night and I cook tons of chili. Most days we have friends and family stop by. We do parties for lots of occasions, both important and frivolous. And the surprise to me is how much more relaxed about it I have become, and how much I genuinely enjoy it. So, if you are in the area and don't mind a messy house, please come by. I'd enjoy your company. Of course, if you want to bring books, coffee and chocolate, I still enjoy them, too. ;) They might be even better when shared with a good friend.

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