Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grace for Mami, Too

You know that place in sleep deprivation where you can feel yourself teetering on the cliff, with the sure knowledge that the tiniest push will send you crashing over the edge?  Of course you do--you are moms, right?  I was there last night.  I would go into all the events leading up to it, but I am too tired, and they aren't really important.

The baby was sobbing because she had been awakened too many times.  She is a total daddy's-girl during the day, but wouldn't settle at all to sleep, despite Carlos patiently walking.  The two year old was shrieking at the top of her lungs.  I was frustrated and near panic because she had been screaming for several minutes and I couldn't get her to tell me if she was hurting or what was wrong.

Outwardly, I remained calm, because I knew I would fall apart if I allowed the smallest crack.  Inwardly, I was shrieking along with the two year old, and crying out to God for help and grace.

Photo by JJ and Special K on Flickr
He used my children.  I felt hands start rubbing my back, going right to all the sore spots.  Healing and comfort poured through them.  A gentle voice began repeating, "Mami, I love you so, so much.  I am glad you are my mami.  I like you."  Encouragement and peace  reverberated through my soul.  For the next twenty minutes, my seven year old massaged my back and my five year old spoke sweet words to my heart.  They ministered God's grace to me in tangible ways that pulled me back from the precipice.  How did they know?  I didn't even ask for help, yet they gave me exactly what I needed.

I breathed, Elena passed gas audibly a few times and was fine (I am so glad it wasn't anything serious, but ouch--that can really be painful.  Might need to look into probiotics for her).  To further add a happy note into the nightmarish night, I clicked on my phone and saw that Sarah had added post 32 in The Restoration of All Things!  It was a really good one, and brought several smiles to my face.  We all got some much needed rest.

I know a lot of people talk about mommy-burnout and the constant giveathon of parenting.  Rarely do we hear stories of grace being lavished on us.  I am so grateful for the tenderness of my children.  I have always loved the expression, "Grace is for mamas, too."  I generally think of it as referring to God's forgiveness and the compassion of other parents.  Last night was a shower of extravagant grace from my children, and I am so grateful. I pray that the next time I am tempted to lose patience or to respond with anything other than kindness, that I will remember their example. 


granny2five said...

Sweet post. Just another proof that we're all human - even good mommies! Children minister to us -- each of us -- in multitudes of ways. I say, "Thank God ALWAYS for the little people!"

Mike and Christie said...

Dear Dulce Family. Come on over and visit my blog for a special award. :)
The Minichs

Just Like June said...

Such a sweet post. :-) There are always those moments in my life too, especially as a Mum, when I'm literally screaming out for some help saying that sleep deprivation is a form of torture. Then I find it right in front of my face in the little crevices of my sons sweet hands, in the smell of his hair, is the little way he touches my face as I nurse him. *sigh* :-)

Mike and Christie said...

I just love it when our children minister to US! :) Somehow, they just know.....

melissa joanne said...

Oh, how sweet! Children have such a special way of making everything alright!