Friday, January 21, 2011

Te amo, te quiero, I love you and I like you...

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What are your favorite love-rituals as a family?  In random order, and added to as I think of them, here are some of ours:

1.  "I love you and I like you all day and all night," ~ Joelito, age 3, as he tried to express loving forever.  It has become a favorite family saying that we all use several times a day.

2.  Hugs and kisses.  Of course!

3.  Singing their special songs.  I made up a special song for each baby right after birth.  Carlos also made up his own little lullabies for them with their names.  We sing them often.  When Ariana was in Sunday School one day, the pastor's wife asked what their favorite songs we.  She immediately piped up, "Sweet Ariana.  It makes me feel loved".  Elena became hooked on the Hunter Revenge "Little Babies" song, and we sing that one together a lot, too.

4.  Smooches right behind the ear.

5.  Nosies.  My little ones have always loved to rub noses, ever since they were babies.

6.  Singing the "Goofy Goober" song from Sponge Bob every time we go out for ice cream together. 

7. Flashing the "I love you" sign at each other. Especially if it is a place where we have to be quiet.

8.  Baking together.  The kidlets help bake and decorate cakes every birthday and pretty much any time we are in the mood to bake, which is often.

9.  Love notes.  Ariana writes little love notes on my phone nearly every night.  :)  When I work, I always find little notes from her, and I often leave notes for the kidlets to find in the mornings, too, especially if I am gone before they get up.

10.  Coffee and tea.  Elena loves to help me make coffee in the morning, and we all love to drink any special little drink together.  We do individual Starbucks dates a couple of times a month.

11.  Zerberts.  Joel and Elena love to give and receive zerberts!

This is only the tip of the iceberg.  I plan to update it whenever I think of more, and I would love to hear about the special little love rituals your family shares.  <3

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