Friday, January 7, 2011

A Sweet Thought

Thankfully, the puking plague seems to have been very short-lived.  By afternoon, the kids were feeling much better.  They began to get a little hungry.  Now, we pretty much allow the kidlets to eat what they want, aside from allergy issues.  However, I still give the obligatory parent speeches from time to time about healthy eating.  Apparently, Ariana (6) and Joel (4) have not only listened closely to my explanations about food, but added their own logical twist.

Ariana:  Mom, you know what we really need after all that vomiting?  We need probiotics to put some good bacteria back in our systems.  I think you need to take us out for frozen yogurt.

Joel:  Yes, and Mami? I want to get lots of candy on mine.  I know that the bad germs feed on the sugar in the candy, but that is my plan.  See, they will be so distracted while feeding on the sugar in the candy that the good guys can ambush them and beat them!

If they don't become nutritionists in the future, I think they both could have a career in negotiation.  :)

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Blessed Mama said...

That made me laugh. Who can argue with that logic?