Monday, August 16, 2010

Pillow Talk

Some of you may have read a recent article about how fewer couples in the US are sleeping in the same bed. With the arrival of Amaya, we have joined that group. Our current arrangement breaks down along gender lines, with Carlos and Joel sharing his room and all of us girls in our bed. To be honest, I miss having the guys in with us, but Carlos is getting more sleep since Joel doesn't wake up during the night.

Before, our nighttime routine involved me nursing/cuddling the youngest to sleep while Carlos told superhero stories to the others. Sadly, I no longer get to hear the adventures of Ipis and Upis as they valiantly help Spidey and Spongebob defeat the evil Whipped Cream Bandit at the Goofy Goober. The cool part is that Ariana has taken up the torch and is now making up stories for me. :)

As a child, my mom would tell me stories. Later, my sister and I made up stories for each other. That continued well into my teens, and some of my favorite memories are of staying up all night with my sister sharing stories. I still make up stories for the kidlets, but it is much more entertaining to hear the stories that they come up with! The only problem is that I get too sleepy. Yeah, somehow we have got it a bit backward--the kids are staying awake and I'm conking out. I think we need to move our bedtime up a bit so that I don't fall asleep during the stories. :D

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Blessed Mama said...

I love this. Darla and I used to sing to each other at night, but she always went first and I always fell asleep. I joke that that's why she's a better singer. She had more practice. :)