Friday, July 8, 2011

Contemplations on the Calendar, by Ariana, Age 7

Image credit: tanakawho on Flickr

I found these on the notes section after she had been playing with my phone one day, and they made me smile.  I love seeing her play around with sounds and words, and plays on meaning.  Some are a little more obscure to me than others, but I can definitely see a creative mind at work here.  :)

Days of the Week

Sunday--The day you get light from the sun.
Monday--Give people money you are not going to use.
Tuesday--Celebrate the number two.
Wednesday--Name your kids wind.
Thursday--Drink juice to satisfy your thirst.
Friday--Fry an egg.
Saturday--Sit on someone, then remember it.

Months of the Year

January is the month you celebrate your chef.
February is the month you fib to talk.  (She later asked me what "fib" means).
March is the month you march the whole day.
April is month you name your April.
May is the month you say may instead of can.
June is the month you get light from the moon.
July is the month with no lying. (To make up for February, perhaps? ;) )
August is the month you pick a special leaf and make it your buddy.
September you can make your own scepter.
October is the month you try to capture an octopus.
November is the month you have to say no to everything you can hear.
December is the month it will snow.

Seasons of the Year

Summer is the season of kids.
Spring is the season of love.
Winter is the season of adults.
Fall is the season of God.


granny2five said...

Hmmmm. Kind of like the way this girl thinks! So original. So imaginative. So "Ria!"

The Black Sheep Princess said...

i LOVE what she said about fall! <3

Pippi said...

Wow, that's incredibly creative and imaginative.

Tia Quel said...

We are fans of her writing already!

Adrienne said...

Okay, that is too sweet!

Staci said...

<3 That's awesome! Perhaps you've got a little poet on your hands?

Elin said...

I love the Friday is for frying eggs, who doesn't like Fridays, and eggs! ;-)

Malena said...

Ariana, please keep sharing your wonderful thoughts with your world! What a delightful granddaughter!