Friday, September 17, 2010

Chock full of chocolate chips

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In our gluten free days, I learned a secret: sure, the cookie dough might not be the perfect texture, it might be a little crumbly, BUT if you add enough good chocolate chips to it, it will be yummy. Chocolate covers a multitude of sins.

The last few weeks have been a bit stressful, and my cookie has been rather crispy around the edges and crumby in the middle at times, but I have been blessed with some lovely chunks of dark chocolate in there, too:

* an unexpected date night with Carlos, thanks to a gift certificate to PF Changs from SIL and BIL, and my mom and dad taking care of the kidlets. Time alone with my Beloved and the Great Wall of Chocolate--how wonderful is that?!

* tender "I love you, Mami"s from all the kidlets. Last night, Elena, who has had a rough time lately, kept snuggling and smiling at me with the most loving, trusting, expression and repeatedly told me how much she loved me.

* "Thank you"s with radiant grins and shining eyes from the sweetlings for all kinds of little things, like going to the park or expected things like fixing lunch. Sincere thanks for something routine and expected is always a gift for a mom!

* Maturity, steadiness and general lack of drama from my darling four year old. His gentleness and joy, his delight in caring for his baby sister and constant desire to give her little gifts.

* Flowers (picked from our yard) that my sweeties brought me, because they smelled so nice and they wanted to share them with me.

* Seeing Amaya break into a beautiful smile when we make eye contact. There is nothing more precious than a baby who seems to smile because of you!

* Healing hugs and massages. Ariana can sense whenever I am tired and achy, and without any prompting will come up and start rubbing my back. Even though she is only 6, she has a gift of healing in her hands.

* Carlos holding my hand every chance we get. :)

* Coffee and visits with friends who fully understand. It is wonderful when someone close to you gets it without it having to be explained.

* A lovely sunset as I was leaving work.

* Spontaneous playdates with our bestest friends. :)

* Comments, love and encouragement from friends and family. I am always so humbled by the support from the amazing people in my life. So many are facing challenges far greater than mine and still take the time to build me up.

I really am living the sweet life.

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