Tuesday, July 7, 2009

See you soon!

This summer has already been a frenzy of activity, and it is speeding up again. Tomorrow we leave for Puerto Rico, and we are stopping by Disneyworld on the way home! I've got an unending to-do list that is far more than is likely to be accomplished today, but I'm very excited about all the fun we will have.

I wanted to have some meaningful post to leave up here, but my brain is too far into auto-pilot mode to come up with much. That's OK. What I do hope all of you remember is that you were created by God. You are a treasure. He delights in your personality, even in the parts that you think are quirky, weird, or just embarrassing. He loves you. He likes you. He wants you. You know that expression that a new mom gets with her baby? He loves you like that. He wants to be with you for all eternity, because even a lifetime with you is not enough for Him. He knows you inside and out, and He chooses you. He has never doubted that you are worth loving, no matter what the cost. Can you hear His love-whispers to you? Snuggle close, and feel Him breathe on you. You are loved.

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Blessed Mama said...

Thanks for leaving behind the love note...oh, and HAVE FUN!!!!