Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Faithful Parenting


Of all the good and perfect gifts from our Father, one of my favorites is when He brings us into a group of kindred spirits.  I first found Jessica Bowman's blog when I was looking into unschooling.  I was so excited to find a whole community through her of Christian unschoolers who live peacefully with their kids.  If you aren't yet a follower of Bohemian Bowmans, you should be.  Her book, Parenting Wild Things is absolutely awesome.  (Almost off topic--when I was first invited to write for A Deeper Family, I was so grateful that Jess and Megan from SortaCrunchy were there.  In the months since I have been getting to know all those writers, my heart has been at home, even though I am still in awe of them all.)  To my delight, Jessica has been hosting a series on Faithful Parenting from a number of gentle, Christian parents.  I am finding that our circle is much wider than I knew. Today I am honored to be sharing a post there.