Wifely Submission

Growing up, I secretly feared that I would never be able to marry.  The reason?  I couldn't find any guys that I would honestly be able to submit to.  I knew deep down that if I disagreed or thought that they were making a stupid decision, I wouldn't be able to smile and surrender.  If that was what God wanted women to do, then I may as well not even put myself in that position.  But what if I was wrong about His design?

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Do I have a rebellious, Jezebel spirit?
"What about the fact that woman was made as a "helper"?  We tend to think of a helper as a subordinate.  Surely that means that woman is meant to be under the authority of man, right?  Except that the Bible frequently uses the same word to describe God.  He is our help, our strength, our power.  Nowhere is it ever implied that God is under our authority!"
"Despite the results of the the Fall, we are Christians, redeemed from the Curse.  With all of the other horrible distortions in our world created by sin--such as sickness of both soul and body--we feel justified in fighting against the darkness.  Christians are taught to pray for healing, and to seek health and restoration.  Why then would we believe that we should fight to uphold and strengthen sickness in marriage relationships?  Why should we want to further the results of the curse in our lives?"
"I know a lot of people want to establish hierarchy in marriage.  They want to insist that men be over women.  I suspect that they, too, are grasping at a worldly model.  There is nothing in the Gospels to indicate that Jesus wanted marriage to be a hierarchy.  His goal was oneness.  Joining together."
"I fully believe that wives are to submit to their husbands, in the sense of unselfishly supporting and caring for them.  I also fully believe that husbands are to submit to their wives and unselfishly support and care for them.  That is who we are supposed to be as believers.  Look at Phillipians 2.  How much more should that apply to the intimacy of a husband and wife!"
"Churches talk a lot about being "unequally yoked" in marriage relationships.  But what they fail to realize is that expecting the husband to always be the one to initiate everything spiritual is actually putting an unequal yoke on the couple."
"What if there is a major life decision that needs to be made and you disagree?  Inaction until unity.  We both belong to God.  We both love Him and each other.  He led the people of Israel with a fire and a cloud.  He will lead us, too.  So we wait, we pray, we listen and consider.  If necessary, we talk more.  Until there is clear direction from God, we stay where we are and hold off on a decision."

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Rev J said...

Thank you for clearly stating what God means for marriage, and what can be achieved through a Christian marriage with God at the center. Stay strong.