Saturday, February 2, 2013


Did you catch my last post over at A Deeper Family?

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"Long ago, I memorized the entire Psalm in Spanish and English.  I have heard those words hundreds of times, but this time life sparked in them as I looked into the eyes of each kidlet and repeated them.  “Did you hear that?  The Bible says that you are wonderful.”  They smiled back with perfect assurance.  And my breath caught just a little, because some days I lack conviction on the part about “I know that full well”.  Not regarding them–never!  I see God’s fingerprints all over them, and delight in them just because they are my kids and some of the coolest, most lovable people I know.  But to “know full well” that I am wonderful?  Well, I keep coming across buried doubts about that somehow."

Head over to A Deeper Family to read the rest of the story.  :)

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Christie M said...

When I hear my adult children and smaller children say they LOVE me.... I am always a little surprised. Some times, I don't feel like I deserve them, or deserve love.
But at the same time.... I know that when I feel that way it is because of some very bad stuff that happened in my earlier life.
Keep Blogging! :)